Scheduling Farmer Greg as a Keynote Speaker

Spreading the word about growing your own food is important to us at The Urban Farm.

Farmer Greg is ready and willing to help you in your events to empower and educate your audience.  He is ready to speak on topics such as > The Importance of Growing your Own Food, > Resilience through Urban Farming, > The Value of Permaculture, > Growing and Maintaining Fruit Trees and Orchards, > Being Part of the Local Food System, > The Wisdom of Water Harvesting, and more. 

He has almost five decades of experience growing food in an urban setting. After discovering permaculture in 1991, Greg set upon himself the task of being the person responsible for transforming our global food system, and he works toward that goal every day since.  He has developed his property into a real-world environmental showcase home in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona and uses this to help teach and inspire others. With this goal and using The Urban Farm as a resource Greg has become well-known regionally as a green living and sustainability innovator. 

Greg is the host of The Urban Farm Podcast with over 350 episodes and nearly 1 million downloads.  He has appeared extensively on television and radio, and is a frequent guest columnist for publications. His mission is inspire people to embrace their own greenness, which he does daily by living what he speaks. He received his master’s degree in Urban and Environmental Planning (MUEP) in December 2006 from Arizona State University. His academic training has been augmented by 35+ years of real world self-study, ownership of multiple businesses and a rich background in entrepreneurship, computer training, software development and management.

If your purpose is to educate, empower or inspire your audience to make a difference in their personal or their community’s food system,  then Greg is probably going to be a good fit for your program.  We would like to hear what you are working on, and see if our missions align. 

Please send us an email at FarmerGreg@urbanfarm.org to start a discussion on how he can personalize his speech for your event.