I’m an Urban Farmer

Claiming your inner Urban Farmer is easy… Grow food, share it and name your farm.  The healthy food revolution is upon us and these days the most powerful thing you can do is grow your own.  Then…let the world know who you are while supporting our programs. Proclaim your urban farmer-ness and help support the Urban Farm Podcast and our other free classes. 

Shop from these useful tools, reference materials, amendments and of course our personal line of Farmer Bling!  More details on each of these if you follow the link.

Bling in a ball cap!
Choose from four colors

Declare your truth!
Long Sleeved Shirt

Brimmed Hat with aeration mesh
and Hidden pocket

My Ordinary Extraordinary Yard
by Greg Peterson

How Green am I? Environmental Audit
by Don Lutter

Fowl Play: Your Guide to Keeping Chickens in the City

By Rachel Bess

Grow Wherever You Go, Discover where your Garden Lives
By Greg Peterson

Urban Composting made Easy
by Kari Spencer

Sustainability Bundle with Bonus.

Chlorine Filter for shower.
Better health for your skin

Chlorine filter with hose attachments
Better health for your garden

Replacement cartridges for hose and shower chlorine filters
Easy to exchange for annual refill