Let’s get you scheduled on The Urban Farm Podcast!

We know that using a computer to schedule these appointments feels a little impersonal, and we truly regret that. Please understand that we have chosen to do this because we don’t have regular business hours at The Urban Farm, and this way YOU get to pick your appointment knowing that no one else has slipped in while you were waiting for our response. This also ensures that you confirmed your own time zone and we call you at the correct time.

If there are no time slots available that work with your schedule, please email Janis@UrbanFarm.org and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule!

A note to PUBLICISTS You are welcome to schedule for your client, but we ask that you please complete the appointment with the Podcast Guest’s information. You can include your contact information in the “alternate contact” option, and we will include you in our follow-up emails just not the initial confirmation. Emails serve as a unique identifier, so we cannot use yours to reserve this appointment.

A note to Personal ASSISTANTS If you are the primary scheduler for someone, and you are going to be the person who answers all questions about biography or be the best person to get the email reminders, then please answer all questions using the Podcast Guest’s name, but use your email to register. And then tell me your name in the alternate contact question and indicate your title.

For more information on our podcast process, as well as our requirements for contact method and documents please go to: www.urbanfarm.org/be-a-podcast-guest