Farmer Greg’s Garden Consultations

Covering Fruit trees, Gardens, & Permaculture

One-on-one phone consultations to help you with your urban farm projects.

Our goal is to help you succeed, and sometimes that means you need a little more personalization than is available in our classes and webinars. Tackling questions about where to put some important key elements in your garden can be challenging, especially if you are new to the area or just new to urban farming and gardening in general. 

Greg has been urban farming for almost five decades and is using this knowledge to help others with their food producing goals. His experience, training, and education are now tools for you to use. 

When you order your one-on-one personal consult with Greg, he will evaluate your property and help you understand the environment that is unique to your space.  This can help you plan where the trees should be planted, and which ones would best thrive in different areas of your yard.  He can also help you place and orient garden beds, taking into consideration the sun and heat issues during the whole year.  

Click HERE to order your personal consult with Farmer Greg!

Choose from our calendar of available dates and times for one that works best for you.  We open dates up about 2-4 weeks at a time, so it is easier to confirm.  We will send you a reminder email to help you get ready. 

What to expect: 

> Garden consults are a unique opportunity to meet with Greg one-on-one virtually (on the phone, Skype or via FaceTime)
> He will examine your property and local area through google maps and share his observations
> You share some of your pictures so he sees a current view of your property and concerns.
> You can discuss current trees and placement of new ones – taking into consideration type, variety and size
> Plan and orient your garden beds, compost areas, and shade structures
> Discuss water harvesting and options that best suit your needs

Scheduling can be done easily once you have your receipt number. Instructions are included as a download button/link on your receipt.