Feed the Leaves!

Liquid amendments fill multiple needs for a healthy and productive fruit tree or garden harvest. This need is why we created our Nutrition Program. We have four solutions that deliver nutrition in a method that your plants will appreciate, boosting the health and production of your harvest.

Essence by HyKreations is a cold-water macro algae formulated to provide to a food source for beneficial microbes. The purest form of this macro algae Ascophyllum nodosum (Seaweed) can only be found in Essence. This mineral rich kelp is formulated and designed to feed your plants below and above all season long. Essence naturally contains plant growth hormones. When used as a foliar spray, Essence provides available minerals that act as co-factors activating biochemical reactions in the plant cells.

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A liquid amendment by HyKreations that improves the intake of fertilizers and nutrients. Soul contains multiple organic acids, which cannot be clearly identified as one molecule. It can be directly applied to the soil or used in foliar applications. When applied to the soil, nutrients are transported across the cell membrane of the roots. When used as a foliar, Soul stimulates guard cells, opening up the stomata allowing nutrients to freely transport into the cell. 

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A liquid amendment by HyKreations that delivers to the soil a high quality humic acid rich with microbes. While humic acid may facilitate nutrient availability giving the plant life; the rich microbial diversity gives the soil life. Perfect for pre-treating holes prior to planting.
Excellent amendment for compact clay soils. Heart is the foundation of all fertility programs, providing a continual food source to beneficial bacteria. The mineralization of carbon is initiated making nutrients and minerals available that may aid in plant growth.

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