Water Harvesting Summit 2022
Speakers & Schedule

Water Harvesting Summit
This free & online 3-day event begins Wednesday, July 13th and continues through Friday, July 15th. Learn how to utilize the natural water resources in your yard to improve self-sufficiency and grow the edible yard of your dreams.
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Why rely on a water source that costs money, energy and is overallocated? Groundwater is becoming harder to find and extract, and water management and conservation is a rising concern as populations and economies continue to expand around the globe. The process of treating and pumping municipal water also costs money and energy which is reflected in our utilities. Water harvesting reduces this expense by tapping into a free resource.  When you learn to utilize your yard’s natural water supply to capture your own water, you reduce your reliance on municipal water to become more self-sufficient as you cultivate the green landscape of your dreams (no matter what type of climate you live in)  

During the Water Harvesting Summit, you’ll learn techniques from our experts for harvesting your own water, from rainwater to greywater. You’ll learn how to build healthier soil that can hold more water. And you’ll learn some of our favorite efficient and effective garden-watering techniques.

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DATES: Daily July 13th-15th, 2022 from 2pm to 5pm Pacific Time (replays available). 

LOCATION: Online. Links to attend will be sent to your inbox each day of the Summit (after you sign up)

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A few of our Speakers at a Glance

Brad Lancaster water harvesting
Brad Lancaster

Rainwater Harvesting

david bainbridge irrigation
David Bainbridge

Using More Efficient Irrigation Systems

Laura Allen Greywater
Laura Allen

Go Green with Greywater

Don Titmus


Scott Murray irrigation
Scott Murray

Irrigation Planning for New Farmers

Your Host:
Farmer Greg Peterson

Farmer Greg is the creator and your main host for the Water Harvesting Summit. You will find him introducing each speaker, jumping online for live Q&As daily, and sharing a few presentations.
Farmer Greg has been digging his toes into the earth, listening to the plants, and experimenting wih progressive permaculture techniques in his yard for over 40 years. His 1/3-acre home in Phoenix, AZ has been converted into an entirely edible landscape open to the community for tours and classes, and his fruit tree program has resuted in the planting of over 10,000 fruit trees. Greg's mission is to show others that they too can realize the power, joy and deliciousness of urban farming! Greg received his Master's degree in Urban and Environmental Planning from Arizona State University, and has since taught at a trade school and even returned to his alma mater to teach Sustainable Food and Farms. He started UrbanFarm.org to build a community for urban farmers and home gardeners around the world to come for inspiration, education, and advice. His podcast, The Urban Farm Podcast, has been so fun and successful that he has decided to expand his reach to even more people by offering virtual Summits.

Your Co-Host:
Janis Norton

Janis is an integral part of The Urban Farm Team and will be co-hosting this summit with Greg. You will find her helping out in between the presentations AND leading a presentation on wood chips
Janis's expertise revolves around community and education. She has more than two decades of experience managing youth programs and training both the youth and their leaders. She has a great passion for helping others learn new skills. Wanting to take her own education further, she pursued degrees in Chemistry and Sustainability and snagged an internship with The Urban Farm. There she became motivated to learn all she could about growing food while using her project management skills to help facilitate The Urban Farm’s events including the 2nd Annual Great American Seed Up. Now that she’s found her calling and knows she is making a difference in her community, there is no stopping her!

Daily Schedule

Please note: Times are subject to change

514: Brad Lancaster about Harvesting the Rain.

Wednesday, July 13th

2:00pm PDT: The Importance of Water Harvesting in Permaculture with Greg Peterson & Don Titmus

Learn what permaculture is and why water harvesting is an indispensable part of permaculture.

3:00pm PDT: Water Harvesting with Brad Lancaster

In this informational interview from Rosie on the House, you’ll gain an understanding of what water harvesting is and how to implement it.  

3:45pm PDT: Using More Efficient Irrigation Systems with David Bainbridge

With local and global water shortages happening with greater frequency, learning to irrigate efficiently is a must as we look toward an uncertain future. Learn efficient irrigation techniques that take your irrigation system underground!

4:20pm PDT: Building Healthy Soil to Hold More Water with Greg Peterson

Learn what you need to do to your soil to so that it retains more water for healthier crops.

Thursday, July 14th

2:00pm PDT: Go Green with Greywater with Laura Allen

Learn how to recycle household greywater from showers, sinks, and washing machines to irrigate a bountiful, beautiful landscape. As temperatures rise and droughts become more commonplace, greywater reuse can offer an affordable, low-energy solution to keep landscapes green and productive throughout the summer months— without consuming precious potable water.

3:00pm PDT: Wood Chips: Easy Water Harvesting with Benefits with Janis Norton

Description coming soon.

4:00pm PDT: Drip Tape: The MOST Efficient Way to Water Your Garden

Learn how to implement Greg’s personal favorite irrigation technique and what makes it a cheap, easy, and efficient method for getting your plants watered so that they thrive.

5:00pm PDT: Live Q&As

Get your pressing garden questions answered LIVE by our experts.

Friday, July 15th

2:00pm PDT: Land & Water Use: Is It Sustainable? with Zack Richards

How can cities & states conserve water even while developing their economies and growing their populations? We take a look at what Arizona, Cape Town, and Singapore have done to conserve water and assess their efforts.

3:00pm PDT: Humanure: A Good Natured How-To with Don Titmus

Humans produce manure every day, and when treated correctly it CAN become fertilizer. This “How-to” will guide you to trust the process of composting… you guessed it: poop and pee! We will cover the basic setup and science behind this practice. Please show up with an open mind and a sense of humor.

4:00pm PDT: Irrigation Planning for New Farmers with Scott Murray

Learn how to assess you irrigation needs, map your irrigation layout, figure out what flow rate you need, design, and install your irrigation system!

5:00pm PDT: Live Q&As

Get your pressing garden questions answered LIVE by Water Harvesting in Depth instructors Greg & Don. 

Additional Speaker Details

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Speaker Spotlight:
Brad Lancaster

Rainwater Harvesting
Brad Lancaster  runs a successful permaculture consulting, design, and education business in Tucson, Arizona. He is focused on integrated and sustainable approaches to landscape design, planning, and living. Growing up in a dryland environment, water harvesting has long been one of his specialties and a true passion. He is the author of the permaculture bible for water harvesting:  Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond Volumes I & II  and he has just released new full color revised and expanded editions of both.

Speaker Spotlight:
David Bainbridge

Using More Efficient Irrigation Systems
After earning his BA in Earth Sciences at UC San Diego in 1970, David headed to UC Davis to complete an MS in Ecology in the multidisciplinary Eco-Grad Program. He started a company doing environmental impact analysis, then transitioned to a solar research and design firm, Living Systems, where he worked on community design, passive solar heating and cooling, building codes and solar rights. David’s research on passive solar heating and cooling led him to the California Energy Commission as a solar specialist, where he worked on the passive section of the state Solar Tax Credit program. He then established the Passive Solar Institute to continue research, education, and consulting on solar design and energy conservation. He worked in straw bale building systems and helped complete The Straw Bale House in 1994. He returned to academia and worked on desert restoration at UC Riverside and San Diego State University. David’s current research involves micro-irrigation, cool pool design, and true cost accounting.

Speaker Spotlight:
Laura Allen

Go Green with Greywater
Laura Allen is a founding member of Greywater Action and has spent the past 20 years exploring low-tech sustainable water solutions. She authored two "how-to” books, The Water-Wise Home: How to Conserve and Reuse Water in Your Home and Landscape and Greywater, Green Landscape. Laura leads classes and workshops on rainwater harvesting, greywater reuse, and composting toilets, and works on water reuse policies and code development in the west

Speaker Spotlight:
Don Titmus

The Importance of Water Harvesting in Permaculture AND Humanure: A Good Natured How-To
Don Titmus Don specializes in horticulture and permaculture design which he began studying in the mid 1970's. Initially studying horticulture as an apprentice in London, he worked on landscaping projects for several years until he moved across the Atlantic landing in Phoenix, Arizona. He specialized in xeriscape gardening and eventually became introduced to the world of permaculture when he signed up for a course recommended by a friend. From there, Don found his calling and this led him to take advanced teacher training courses in permaculture design. Don co-founded the Phoenix Permaculture Guild in 2003 and later began teaching permaculture design courses so he can live out his passion of educating others about the world of permaculture.

Speaker Spotlight:
Scott Murray

Irrigation Planning for New Farmers
Scott Murray has 46 years of organic agricultural production experience in the United States and Mexico. He has a multitude of experience with conservation, food production, and environmental leadership—including serving as an elected California Conservation official for the last 27 years. Scott also specializes in farmland preservation projects utilizing Smart Growth Principles. These days he does farm creation and consulting as his primary work, including work on a farm growing coffee in Southern California which had its first harvest and sold out in one day for $796 a pound.

Speaker Spotlight:
Zack Richards

Land & Water Use: Is It Sustainable?
Zack Richards is a US Army Combat Veteran and water professional with a passion for resource conservation. He has a Graduate Degree in Sustainability from Arizona State University.