The Victory Garden Challenge:
Our (At Least) 50 Days of Gardening Classes

Learn about Chickens & Other Animals, Composting & Soil Building, Cooking & Other Plant Uses, Fruit Trees, Gardening & Urban Farming, Permaculture, and Seeds Skills

A collection of over 50 videos to empower you to feel more self-reliant and start and/or maintain your own garden.

In the middle of March 2020, Farmer Greg and Janis were discussing the developing health crisis and decided to do something to help. The result was moving some of our in-person events online and then refresh some of our other content to create a resource helping people start their own gardens. We decided to put up 30 days of free classes and then this morphed quickly into our Victory Garden Challenge which lasted for 17 weeks.

Our team of educators stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park. Kari Spencer, Bill McDorman, Scott Murray, Don Titmus, Ed Williams, Peggy Sue Sorensen, and Chad Hudspeth, all pitched in and helped with multiple classes, and then several other people kicked in for a class or two. And as a result we’ve developed a great resource for our audience – so much so that we had to sort the classes into categories just to help make sense of them all.

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Live classes with Q&A sessions – CLOSED FOR 2020.
In the live classes, attendees were able to participate in the chat and submit questions for the Q&A.  Each class was available for 48 hours after the class finished with a replay of that class. If you want access to the entire series, click on the green button!

The classes in our program:

This is the list of all the classes we’ve held during our Victory Garden Challenge, and as you can see we already have more than 50 classes in our list.

        Week 1

  1. Basic Seed Saving – Seeds
  2. Jump Start Your Spring Garden – Gardening & Urban Farming
  3. Victory Gardens 2020 – Gardening & Urban Farming
  4. Food System 3.0 – Permaculture
  5. Non-Composting – Composting & Soil Building
  6. Keeping Backyard Chickens – Chickens & Animals


    Week 2 Edible Backyard Summit **

  7.  Summit Day 1 – Straw Bale Gardening w/ Joel Karsten, Module 1: Sun & Shade, and Q&A session **
  8.  Summit Day 2 – Secrets of Living Soil Revealed w/ Emily Rockey, Module 2: Soil, and Q&A session **
  9.  Summit Day 3 – Wickedly Smart Water Harvesting w/ Greg Peterson, Module 3: Water, and Q&A session **
  10.  Summit Day 4 – Linking Soil and Human Health w/ Dr. Elaine Ingham, Module 4: Seasons, and Q&A session **
  11.  Summit Day 5 – How to Grow Tomatoes at Home w/ Jason Johns, Module 5: Seeds & Transplants, Q&A session **
    **NOTE: Days 7-11 classes, and all 7 of the Modules of Growing Food the Basics Course by Kari Spencer
    (including full module worksheets) are available as part of 2020 Edible Backyard Summit Package

    Week 3
  12. Intro to Permaculture – Permaculture
  13. Seed Starting – Seeds
  14. So, You Want to Grow a Fruit Tree – Fruit Trees
  15. Gardening Made Easy – Gardening & Urban Farming
  16. Solar Cooking – Cooking & Other Plant Uses
  17. Fire Cider – Cooking & Other Plant Uses
  18. Backyard Orchard Maintenance – Fruit Trees

    Week 4
  19. Ecological Abundance for Your Life – Permaculture
  20. Growing Mushrooms – Gardening & Urban Farming
  21. Humanure: A Good-Natured How-To – Permaculture
  22. Urban Farm Virtual Tour – Permaculture
  23. Aquaponics Revolution: How to Grow a Fish-Powered Garden – Chickens & Animals

    Week 5
  24. Vermicomposting – Composting & Soil Building
  25. Epigenetics – Seeds
  26. Patio Farming – Gardening & Urban Farming
  27. Edible Weeds – Cooking & Other Plant Uses
  28. Growing Culinary & Medicinal Herbs – Gardening & Urban Farming

    Week 6
  29. Ecological Abundance: Intro to Permaculture – Permaculture
  30. Non Composting – Composting & Soil Building
  31. Berry Gardening – Gardening & Urban Farming
  32. Weeds: The Good, The Bad, The Yummy – Cooking & Other Plant Uses
  33. Aquaponics Revolution: The Health Difference – Chickens & Animals

    Week 7
  34. Solar Applications at The Urban Farm – Permaculture
  35. Intro to Beekeeping – Chickens & Animals
  36. Go Organic, It’s Easy – Gardening & Urban Farming
  37. Flower Essences for Health – Cooking & Other Plant Uses
  38. Foliar Feeding: Fully Loaded Fruit Trees – Fruit Trees

    Week 8
  39. Regenerative Composting – Composting & Soil Building
  40. Seed Saving Hacked – Seeds
  41. Basic Bread Making – Cooking & Other Plant Uses
  42. Lessons on Livestock at The Micro Farm Project Virtual Tour – Chickens & Animals
  43. Drip Tape Step by Step – Gardening & Urban Farming

    Week 9
  44. Intro to Edible Landscaping – Fruit Trees
  45. Compost Made Easy – Composting & Soil Building
  46. Basic Crop Planning – Gardening & Urban Farming
  47. Dishing with Greg – Permaculture
  48. Making Sourdough Bread – Cooking & Other Plant Uses

    Week 10 – Begining of Tues/Thurs only
  49. Seed Chat with Bill McDorman – Seeds
  50. Intro to Urban Farming – Gardening & Urban Farming


    Week 11


  51. Summer Orchard Care – Fruit Trees
  52. Four Steps to Becoming a Flower Farmer – Gardening & Urban Farming


    Week 12


  53. All About Healthy Soil – Composting & Soil Building
  54. Summer Orchard Care – Fruit Trees

    Week 13
  55. Ways to Water Your Garden  – Gardening & Urban Farming
  56. Mesquite Pod Harvest & Processing – Cooking and Other Plant Uses

    Week 14 – Backyard Barnyard Summit
    Summit Day 1 – A Beginners Guide to Getting your First Chickens w/ Greg Peterson,
                              Urban Animals: An introduction (Intro to Urban Animals Course), and Q&A Sessions

    Summit Day 2 – Small Scale Dairy Production: Goats & Cows w/ Chloe Lieberman,
                              Designing a Productive System with Farm Animals (Module 1: Urban Animals Course), and Q&A Sessions

    Summit Day 3 – How to Build your Chicken Coop w/ Greg Peterson,
                              Designing a Productive System with Chickens (Module 2: Urban Animals Course), and Q&A Sessions


  57. Collaborative Urban Farming (A virtual tour of Two Peace in a Pod Orchard and Morning Star Garden) – Gardening & Urban Farming

    Week 15


  58. Seed Chat with Bill McDorman – Seeds
  59. Gardening for the Whole Family – Gardening & Urban Farming

    Week 16


  60. Drip Tape Step by Step – Gardening & Urban Farming
  61. ReWilding, ReEnlivening, ReHydrating – Permaculture

    Week 17


  62. Meat Alternative Super Stars – Cooking and Other Plant Uses
  63. Live Zoom Chat with the Hosts of The Victory Garden Classes

**Week 2 is available with 2020 Edible Backyard Summit Package– These extended learning events were part of the previously scheduled 5-day Edible Backyard Summit.

**Week 14 is available with 2020 Backyard Barnyard Summit Package – These classes were part of the scheduled 3-day Backyard Barnyard Summit