BKFarmyards Garden Summits

BKFarmyard’s Garden Summits are a phenomenally great learning experience. With each summit there are more and more opportunities to learn and grow – literally as Stacey Murphy has worked to fill each one with a series of experts that provide insight and helpful explanations of how to improve your food growing skills.  Each summit is a set of several days worth of knowledge sharing online.

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Podcast episode 458: Stacey Murphy on the Superfood Summit.

Bringing concentrated jam-packed garden education to life.

In This Podcast: Her passion for bringing people together in educational garden summits is quite evident when you listen to Stacey Murphy tell us what she has planned this year.  She explains why she started presenting her summits and some of the exciting results she’s getting in return.  She also talks about how food dies, nutrients are lost every day and what you can do about it. Her collection of experts will be covering several topics related to growing superfoods in your garden. 

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Episode 422: on Setting Goals for Growing.

Gathering gurus to help gardens grow.

In This Podcast: Growing up gardening side-by-side with her parents helped Stacey Murphy have a solid connection with food. She lost this connection when she went to college and began working as an engineer and architect. It wasn’t until she was living in a studio apartment in Brooklyn that this disconnection was healed as she realized how little fresh food was in her diet and neighborhood. She started growing food in her tiny apartment and began working with a network of urban farmers. Fast forward to now as Stacey works online with gardeners in her Garden Freedom series and with people from 169 countries who all share the same concerns about their food.

Episode 366: on The Garden Hacked Summit.

Bringing gardening experts together in one event.

In This Podcast: Sharing is caring, growing, empowering, and a natural part of the food growing community and Stacey Murphy brings several amazing members of the food growing community together in one online summit about Gardening! She explains what the Garden Hack Summit is and why you need to be a part of it this year.

Episode 105: on Urban Farming in Brooklyn

Finding the motivation to make changes in our diets.

In This Podcast:  This is Stacey’s first podcast interview with us.  We learn about how she got started, who influenced her, and what she thinks about while she is gardening.  She also introduces us to her first Garden Hack Summit.