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Grow your food. Nourish your life. Transform our world.

Are you interested in informing people on how to grow their own food and making some money while you are at it? Do you get excited to think about yourself or others becoming more self-sustainable? Do you want to grow your network? If so, join hands with The Urban Farm to spread the word and join the urban farming revolution! 

The program is simple: 

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What we do here at Urban Farm U

Provide inspiration, knowledge, education and the tools so you can free yourself from a broken food system and reclaim your authority to choose the food you consume.

Urban Farm U teaches individuals to grow their own healthy, life-nurturing food, wherever they live, enabling students to go farther faster by imparting time- and terrain-tested practices so they can quickly and inexpensively grow their own food.

Nourish yourself and the earth we share.

We demonstrate through hands-on training how anyone can become an urban farmer, regardless of lifestyle as well as teaching how to take small steps towards healthier choices by growing their own food.

In addition to the knowledge and insight they gain in our courses, students become part of a vast community of urban farmers who share their ideas and practical experience with one another, all while sharing & planting seeds for an abundant future.

It’s easy to do, costs nothing, and opens up a world of opportunities for you to generate revenue while transforming the world at the same time.

I would like to invite you to become a member of the Urban Farm U Affiliate team by enrolling in our referral marketing program. 

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