What 1.5 Years in Asia Taught Me About Food

By Guest Blogger Tayler Jenkins : I really like food. Eating food, cooking food, harvesting food, thinking about food. Truly, I can never really get food (and food systems) off my mind.

My activism started at a young age. From encouraging neighbors to vote on animal welfare propositions in 8th grade, to co-leading the organization Real Food ASU in college, to working for Urban Farm U, to gardening and…

192: Gene Baur on Farm Animal Protection

The co-founder of Farm Sanctuary, Gene Baur, tells Greg about his life as a vegan and triathlete as well as what prompted him to create a safe facility for rescued farm animals.  He has many helpful tips for those who are wanting to try the meatless lifestyle and diet, and he shares some insight on how to work with those you disagree with.

160: Dr. James Loomis on Lifestyle Medicine

 Greg talks to a doctor that he met a few months back.  Dr. Jim is fabulous at bringing the complexities of healthy eating to simple and memorable analogies. Transitioning from a standard American diet to a plant based one to improve health and vitality is something that Dr. Jim can talk about because he did just that.

2: Jake Mace on Creating a Luscious Food Forest

In this episode, we interview Jake about his urban farm, learn some of his best tips and tricks, how to avoid his failures, and become inspired by his mission to live a life that’s compassionate with a a zero- to positive-sum impact on the earth, particularly through his commitment to a vegan lifestyle.