711: Holiday Gardening Gifts

A Garden Chat with Greg, Janis, and Doreen. – The holidays are just around the corner, and we all love to share gifts from our heart with our friends and family. Join us as we share our ideas for some cool gardening gifts both from and for the garden. This is sure to be an inspiration filled class. Our team members Janis Norton and Doreen Pollack joined Greg in this fabulous brainstorming session.

161: Vanessa Simkins on Juicing Deliciously

Greg finds many connections with Vanessa as she shares why she started juicing and why she runs her own business helping others learn about juicing. Vanessa tells about how she got started with her blog and her recipe book. She also tells about her love for mixing juices blends, and how she can serve up delicious drink combinations even from some normally challenging ingredient flavors.