Mesquite education & Milling Program

Mesquite is a multi-functional tree, native to the southwest desert and certain similar climate zones in South America.  The locally native trees have been a valuable resource for area residents for more than a thousand years. Known for their tasty and nutrient- packed seed pods, even some wild animals will have their seasonal routes on the locations of these trees. 

We’ve put together an annual program with online education, in-person classes & harvest events, and community milling events. 

Current events listed first, and some resources below.

Please join us in enjoying this tasty and nutritious native resource. 



Last IN-PERSON class in the Valley for
Summer 2021:

Mesquite Walkabout at
Granada Park* in Phoenix

with Farmer Greg

*LOCATION CHANGE: We’ve moved this event to our Phoenix location due to annual significant pruning at the Tempe location. 

This a walking tour & Harvest opportunity of the mesquite trees in Granada Park. See, smell, touch, and taste mesquite trees and beans as you take our walking class and learn how to collect mesquite beans. Harvesting depends on weather.

Bring your collection supplies and gather your own mesquite pods, then dy them a little bit more and turn them into flour later this month.

June 19th at 8am


Two LOCAL Pop-Up Milling events at our
Nursery Lot on 7th Street. 

BULK Mesquite Milling Drop Off event

BULK = Four 5-gallon buckets or more!

If you have a large order, we will space orders out a bit more.  Choose when you would like to drop off your mesquite pods. 

This date is for BULK ORDERS, please.
No turn around time is promised.

Note: Milling depends on dry weather.

June 25th at 9am

Mesquite Milling Day

The date we’ve been waiting to turn
YOUR pods into YOUR flour!

We’ve set up appointment slots to help us reduce wait times. Choose your appointment slot, and bring us your buckets of dried mesquite pods.

Note: Milling depends on dry weather.

June 26th at 8:40 am

Videos from previous GrowPHX classes:

We’ve hosted several classes over at specifically on Mesquite.  Please take a look at the Mesquite Classes page for our videos over the past couple years.