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Growing Food the Basics Works Because...It Is Based on 7 Keys:

  1. Sun:  Sunlight is free and abundant!  Find out how to position your garden to MAXIMIZE fruit and vegetable yields, which angles of the sun will SUPER-CHARGE veggie production, how and when to apply shade or frost protection.
  2. Soil:  Healthy soil = healthy, robust plants.  Discover what type of soil you have in your own backyard and how to improve it WITHOUT buying expensive bagged products at the nursery or doing any back-breaking work. Avoid common gardening mistakes that harm soil and plant growth, and what to do to BOOST garden production year after year.
  3. Sprinklers:  Get all of your watering questions answered, including how often and how long to water your garden.  Discover the SECRET of watering the soil, and not the plants themselves, and how to know if you are watering enough.  Don’t be fooled by plants that appear to need water, but really don’t!  And apply water at the right time of day to improve your garden’s health and SAVE MONEY on your water bill. 
  4. Seasons:  Understand which plants love cold weather and which thrive in the heat, as well as how temperature and day length affect seed germination, flowering and fruiting.  Identify the IDEAL time to plant, which will maximize your garden potential, and easy ways to extend your growing season.
  5. Sustenance:  What do plants eat?  Explore the nutritional needs of plants, and what specific nutrients do.  Discover how chemical fertilizers actually hinder plants from getting the nutrition that they need, and how to feed plants using free materials that you probably already have at home.  Identify common nutrient deficiencies and how to remedy them.
  6. Seeds:  Discover the wonder of the tiny powerhouses called seeds, how to grow and collect them, and the amazing, and OFTEN OVERLOOKED, ways that seeds can improve your garden production over time. 
  7. Simple Strategy:  Exponentially improve the efficiency and productivity of your garden and eliminate wasted effort by using a few easy planning and preparation techniques.   Discover how to plant ONCE and harvest for years!
These 7 Keys will help you to harness the power of nature to make gardening easy and economical.  Sun, Soil, Sprinklers, Seasons, Sustenance, Seeds and a Simple Strategy…When you get all of these factors right, they equal Sustainable Surplus!
Why sustainable? Because so much of what people do in the garden is unsustainable.
Tilling and turning the soil with backbreaking effort once or twice a year? UNSUSTAINABLE. Repeatedly buying expensive soil amendments at the nursery? UNSUSTAINABLE. Spending time and energy on a garden that doesn’t produce? UNSUSTAINABLE (and no fun, either!)
We're going to stop these unsustainable gardening activities once and for all and clear up the myths and misconceptions that have lead us down the wrong path.
First, we're going to discuss what it means to "grow organically". Again, no complicated or time-consuming systems here: You'll learn how to grow food that tastes great, is as fresh as it can possibly be, and is free of harmful chemicals and GMOs.
Secondly, we’ll create a garden that is as self-sustaining as possible, and that produces more than we put into it. 
Finally, we'll learn how to fit gardening into our busy schedules and how to grow lots of food in just minutes a day. You see, many of the gardening techniques that have been taught or that have been handed down to us have turned out to be wrong.
Remember being told that you had to do turn the soil and add fertilizer every year to prepare a garden? Or that your garden had to be laid out in rows?  No weeds or bugs allowed! WRONG.
There's actually a much easier, cheaper, more efficient way to garden that results in bigger and better harvests every year! I'm going to teach you exactly how to do this so you'll have fresh food on the table every night and more cash in your pocket.
Plus, I'm going to share with you additional "garden hacks" that will save you time and money and solve many of your gardening challenges.
Get Your Garden Growing in 7 Weeks with Easy Action Steps!
I'm going to show you how to get started on the path to growing food in 7 weeks. This is an action-oriented program focused on lasting, sustainable results.
You're going to start implementing the Action Steps on Day 1, taking simple but extremely impactful steps that will build on each other week by week.
By Class 2, you'll already feel more empowered to design and grow your own garden.
By Class 4, you will have more gardening knowledge than many conventional gardeners using outmoded techniques.   And you will begin to see how the produce of an organic garden can add up to much more value than the amount of time, effort and money that you put into it. 
By Class 7, you'll have the tools and motivation to grow your own food, and you may even have your garden up and growing! You might be on the cusp of your first harvest.  And you will be on your way to producing more delicious fruits, veggies, herbs and greens than you ever thought possible!
Don't take my word for it!

Success Stories

"Kari’s gardening classes taught me everything I needed to know about how to garden…not only the “how” but the “why” of gardening.  Now, I have four garden boxes and lots of buckets - a total of 100 square feet of gardening space. My husband and I harvest something from our garden almost every day. Gardening has revolutionized my life." 
  -Erin Bradham

Erin Bradham

Gardening Student, 2014

"I've taken several of Kari’s classes on a variety of garden related subjects. Her classes have been well thought out, organized and offer great information. She’s always enthusiastic about the material and makes sure each student understands the information thoroughly. The class was always encouraged to ask questions as needed and Kari always had a knowledgeable, in-depth answer for us. I enjoyed her classes and felt confident under her instruction."

David Creech

 Landscape Designer, CFdesign -Founder,

"We are new to gardening and had a desire to learn about growing food in an urban setting. Kari's class was a wonderful guide! We learned valuable information about soil, sunlight, watering, plot construction, and seed selection. It's obvious that she loves what she does and we are excited about our future as urban farmers!"

Stephanie Kirchheimer

Backyard Gardener

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  • 7 Online Classes where I'll teach everything you need to know to be a successful home gardener.  All classes are recorded and can be taken at your own pace.
  • Access to the private Facebook group 'Urban Farm U' so you can interact with your fellow Urban Farmers and Gardeners to support each other on our journey.
  • FREE "How-to" Video on Sheet Mulching and Creating Healthy, Organically-based Soils.
  • Periodic LIVE Q&A sessions each month in order to interact with Kari personally and ask her your most pressing questions.
  • Access to the GFB Membership Site for your course materials.

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I look forward to personally guiding you on your journey to growing real food during this in-depth, 7-class course.

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