Please note:  We DO NOT ship trees – You will need to pick up your trees at two events – One in January and one in March.  These events occur in Central Phoenix.

The Urban Farm Special Order Fruit Tree Program gives you direct access to hundreds of trees from Dave Wilson’s wholesale nursery.   If you’re looking for a special tree that the Urban Farm is not offering this year, this is the place to find it. Download 2016/17 SOFT Inventory Form

HOWEVER – not all of the trees offered by Dave Wilson will grow in our area.  Before you place a special order, sign up for a class (online or in person), ask questions, and learn about chill hours and root stocks.  A great place to start is the Dave Wilson website HERE.

Don’t get stuck with a tree which won’t grow here or will never give you fruit – do your homework before you order!

All SOFT varieties are only $38 this year, with the exception of Persimmons and Jujubes, which are $50.

Here’s how to place a Special Order:

  1. Download & review The Urban Farm’s Special Order Inventory Form & make your selections. (Please disregard the dates at the top of this form, they are incorrect.)
  2. Download and complete the Special Order Form
  3. Send us your completed order form:
  4. Pay for your trees:
    • Add your SOFT selections to your shopping cart (top of this page) continue and pay with a credit/debit card at checkout, or
    • Include a check when you return your order by mail

ALL SOFT ORDERS & PAYMENTS MUST BE RECEIVED BY NOVEMBER 5th, 2015 (absolutely no exceptions)

Need help?  Email