Citrus Pick-up Days

Our third and final phase of the program is when you can pick up your citrus trees, from our Nursery Lot. We may have a limited selection of 5 gallon, and some 15 gallon citrus available depending on the delivery.

To ensure the success of your new fruit trees, please plan on picking up and planting your fruit trees as soon as possible.   Upon arrival to the lot, please check in with our greeter who will retrieve your order and prepare it for a Tree Crew member.  You will have an opportunity to work with a Tree Crew member as they process your order.  Our knowledgeable staff-members are happy to assist with questions you may have and are available to help load your items into your vehicle.

UPDATED: March 12, 2019

PROPOSED DATES – Citrus Tree Pick Up:

Open 9am

~ Saturday, March 16th       Open 9-1  *Certain Citrus Orders available

~ Saturday, March 23rd       Open 9-1  *Certain Citrus Orders available

Friday/Saturday, March 29th & 30th       tentative date – see below*

*Due to our recent freezing temps, Some of the delivery of the citrus trees has been delayed; we are waiting for delivery confirmation from our grower. Please check back for updated delivery dates.  Those orders that we do have are being notified.  Please check your email.

Nursery Lot Location:
Click HERE