Fruit Tree Pick-up

The next-to-last step to getting fruit trees!

UPDATED: January 3, 2019:
Scroll DOWN for DECIDUOUS Pick Up.

So now that you’ve placed your order, what is next?  Let us break it down for you.  We order the trees from the growers based on your pre-orders. In January we get a large shipment of bare-root deciduous trees, small potted bushes and vines, soils and amendments, and we get the citrus trees in late February or early March.  We sort them, do our quality checks, then tag and organize them on our lot.  The bare root trees get a root check and pruning to make sure they are not damaged and prepare them for basic planting, then we heal them in for protection until you can pick them up. The potted trees get sorted, quality checked, and pruned of broken branches if necessary.  We do get some tropical trees and plants too, but we wait until the last minute to post those for sale because we wont know until then what size, variety, or quantity we are getting. We bring in the soils and amendments in the fall – because we know that digging holes early is helping with the success of the trees.  Bare root trees cannot survive if they are kept out of the ground too long, and having the hole ready makes the planting process easier.

Your next step is to pick them up as soon as you can. We help by gathering your order when you get to the lot and help load your vehicle. We want you to take the trees home and get them into the ground the same day if possible, especially if we are having the now-oh-so-common warm winter days!  Oh by the way – the last step… is you planting them!

Nursery Lot Location for January – March:
4549 N 7th Street, Phoenix.  South east corner of 7th and Meadowbrook.
Parking is on side street only.
(This is a borrowed and seasonal location only, so we are not here year-round, and this is NOT our mailing address)

General Store Soil Pick-up & Prep Saturdays

These will be special days where the Nursery’s General Store will be open off-lot for certain items when we don’t have the trees themselves. We expect to bring in the Planting Mix, Top-Mulch, Organic Fertilizer, and of course our special Amendments, as well as having some of our traditional items like planting calendars and water filters. Be sure to check out the I’m An Urban Farmer shirts and hats too!

UPDATED: November 28, 2018

Soil and Supplies Saturdays 2018:

~ Saturday, October 27, 2018

~ Saturday, November 24, 2018

Mini Pop-Up General Store events:

~ Saturday, December 1, 2018
at the Drip Tape workshop
no large items will be on hand

~ Saturday, December 8, 2018
at the Fruit Tree pruning class
no large items will be on hand

Sorry – there will be no general store
at the December 15th pruning event

Deciduous Trees, Bushes
& Vines Pick-up Days

This is the perfect time to pick up the bare root trees to get them in the ground while they are still moderately dormant. You can ask us to prune them further, or you can prune them when you get home if you wish. Start by checking in with our greeter who will pull your order and get it ready for the Tree Crew Pullers. The Tree Crew will help you by filling your order from the Nursery Lot and allowing you to inspect your trees. They will also grab your large bagged items and any extras trees or soils you want. The General Store is open for amendments, tools, books, etc. And of course we have several knowledgeable and experienced Tree Crew to help answer questions.

If you are picking up extra trees, soils, or general items, you can check out with our friendly cashiers.

DATES for 2019

Deciduous Tree Pick up Days in 2019:
Our trees are coming from California and then we need time to inspect and prep them. The following dates are our TARGET dates for opening the lot.  Please be patient while we work as fast as we can because we won’t scrimp on a quality inspection.
 IMPORTANT- See special note below about waiting too long to pick up trees.

Open 9am – 3pm

~ Thursday, January 17th – Open for Pre-orders only

~ Friday, January 18th

~ Saturday, January 19th

~ Thursday, January 24th

~ Friday, January 25th

~ Saturday, January 26th

~ Friday, February 1st

~ Saturday, February 2nd

~ Friday, February 8th

~ Saturday, February 9th

~ Saturday, February 16th
w/ Special Tomato Workshops

Special note on picking up
deciduous trees too late:

We will be closing the lot after the last deciduous day so we can clean up and prepare for the citrus phase, and allow our tree crew to work their other jobs.  We need the time to refresh and make sure we are ready for another round of tree pick-ups.  All of the deciduous trees need to be picked up by the last day of the deciduous pick up phase.

Citrus Trees & Final Product Pick-up Days

Our citrus program is getting a re-vamp to better work with our grower. This is the time to pick up your citrus trees, like lemons, oranges, limes, and loquats from our Nursery Lot. We will have a nice selection of 5 gallon, and some 15 gallon citrus available, and likely a few deciduous trees, bushes, and vines. If we brought in any tropicals, they might still be available. Be sure to pick up the mulch and planting mix if you have not already, and stop by our General Store to grab the amendments.  Check in with our greeter who will get your pull ticket for the Tree Crew which will fill your order and help you load your vehicle.


Citrus Tree Pick Up days in 2019
(subject to receipt of citrus trees):

~ Friday, March 8th

~ Saturday, March 9th

~ Friday, March 15th

~ Saturday, March 16th

~ Friday, March 22nd

~ Saturday, March 23rd