Fruit Tree Pick-up

The key information to getting your fruit trees!

UPDATED: March 5th, 2019:

Citrus Tree Proposed Pick Up
Waiting for information from our citrus grower.

So now that you’ve placed your order, what is next?  Let us break it down for you.  We order the trees from the growers based on your pre-orders. In January we get a large shipment of bare-root deciduous trees, small potted bushes and vines, soils and amendments, and we get the citrus trees in late February or early March.  We sort them, do our quality checks, then tag and organize them on our lot.  The bare root trees get a root check and pruning to make sure they are not damaged and prepare them for basic planting, then we heal them in for protection until you can pick them up. The potted trees get sorted, quality checked, and pruned of broken branches if necessary.  We do get some tropical trees and plants too, but we wait until the last minute to post those for sale because we wont know until then what size, variety, or quantity we are getting. We bring in the soils and amendments in the fall – because we know that digging holes early is helping with the success of the trees.  Bare root trees cannot survive if they are kept out of the ground too long, and having the hole ready makes the planting process easier.

Your next step is to pick them up as soon as you can. We help by gathering your order when you get to the lot and help load your vehicle. We want you to take the trees home and get them into the ground the same day if possible, especially if we are having the now-oh-so-common warm winter days!  Oh by the way – the last step… is you planting them!

Nursery Lot Location for January – March:
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