“I also wanted to let you know, I have made a resolution to listen to every single one of your podcast episodes.  I am currently just starting but I keep thinking of how much more I’ll learn about permaculture by committing myself to this practice.  I thoroughly enjoy this time and feel like I’m getting to know you all better.

… Thanks once again for ALL that you do.  I know it must be a team effort with Farmer Greg at the helm.  And it must be so hard.  But it is so worthwhile.  You don’t realize the small and big changes we (permies & newbie growers alike) are making because of what we learn from you all.”
–Nicky S, from Permaculture Gardens
I’ve made a resolution

“I absolutely love your post of June 12, interesting and so inspiring. You are 1 of the 2 people in Phoenix that has changed my life the most.”

– Nancy K., from Phoenix

Changed my life the most

“Greg, I think ate about 8 Desert Gold peaches today. They’re soooo good! I planted my tree in 2016. I can’t thank you enough for the fruit tree program and…” read more

I think ate about 8 Desert Gold peaches today

“The practical guidance is wonderful – and I am an experienced gardener!  The resources, videos, guests and your enthusiasm for the subject add inspiration and depth. You have re-ignited my love for systems theory too.”

-LC G. from Phoenix, AZ on Jump Start Your Urban Farm

You have re-ignited my love

Dear Mr. Peterson,

I am a recent Earth and Environmental Studies graduate from the ASU Spring Class of 2015. A few years ago (Spring of 2014) I took your Sustainable Food and Farms class as an elective for my Sustainability minor. Even as an Environmental Studies student, I had never really … read more

I took your Sustainable Food and Farms class

“Greg, this is awesome – and just what I needed. I have done taken some of your online classes, have toured The Micro Farm, and have experimented a lot with what I’ve learned from all of your Webinars, etc. I am sharing as much as I can with … read more

This little book is a simple solution for beginners

“We first want to start with thank you for inspiring us to grow food. As new parents of twins we had a small goal of growing some food for our babies, now we have lot. Recently my twins stepped into the garden… read more

My wife almost cried…