“Thanks for the Creating the Permaculture City course. I really got a lot out of it, and will be sharing much of what I learned with my family during this holiday season.”

“I thought Toby was a great presenter, and Greg was too, and I want to purchase more of their permaculture resource materials. I am recommending this to my family, and I wish I could have watched the presentations with a group of interested folks in the same room. We could have had discussions afterwards with perhaps a potluck before or after the class. I would like to have our local community college consider collaborating with your organization to use their facilities for a lifetime learning course to get a permaculture association going to compliment the other “place making” efforts in our community. I think more multi-generational resilience benefits could be emphasized. Tool libraries, time-banking, maker-spaces, food co-ops, CSA’s, etc… could do better together than apart almost like the plant guild’s described.”

–Bradford B., Escanaba, MI