Urban Farm Nursery Tree Crew Sign Ups

We use seasonal temporary employees during our popup nursery events. This work is fun and engaging, but it is work so there are certain things to know before you sign up.

Read this section first, then look for the Links below.

The first rule of our nursery lot is Be Safe We need you to do your part to make this a safe work environment including:

    1. staying hydrated,
    2. wearing closed toe shoes at all times
    3. wearing gloves when applicable,
    4. wearing protective eyewear when applicable
    5. using smart lifting skills or proper equipment for heavier items
    6. and DON’T RUSH – mistakes happen when we rush.
The second rule of our nursery lot is Have Fun We love what we do and we love who we work with.  Honestly, if you are enjoying yourself on the lot, then you will want to come back again.
Other important elements of working on our Tree Crew.
Please be on time:  A lot of the instructions happen in the first part of the day.  If you are late, you are adding to our work as we then need to set aside time to give you updates. We do not have a lot of time in the morning for these adjustments.
Slow days may mean we need to send people home early on Nursery Days. We are working to improve our systems of appointments so that this is not as necessary, but we appreciate your understanding if this is action is needed. 
Our customers are like family to us. We will treat them with respect, and they will treat you with respect.  Also, we have people on staff who are trained in the proper planting procedures so unless you have knowledge and experience that we have vetted, please stick to our methods and send questions to Greg, Janis, Ray, and Jordan first. Do not make up answers!
Lunch break is 30-45 minutes within an hour window. We do provide lunch, but you can bring your own. We close for an hour, but the break is a maximum of 45 minutes please; the rest of the time we are using to reset the lot. 
We will go over the rest of the rules when you show up on lot.

We use SignUpGenius to manage our work-day sign ups.
Here are the two current sign-ups for January 2024:
PLEASE NOTE:  The sign up may ask for a quantity – DO NOT sign up for more than one person. Each individual needs to be added separately. 

Come join our team for a week of fun and mud! 

We will be unloading the truck of bare root trees one day early in January (DATE TBD) and then we will spend 4-5 days prepping, pruning, and healing in the trees for our 24th annual pop-up nursery.

Potential start date: January 3rd. 
End date: January 7th

Come be a part of the most fun work in town!

We need several people as Tree Crew for our OPEN TO PUBLIC pop up Nursery Days. This is to help customers fill pre-orders for bare-root & small potted trees and bagged products. Cashiers and Gate Crew are scheduled separately. And YES we plan to be open on Sundays.

  • Thurs, Jan 11 SOFT OPEN day
  • Fri, Jan 12
  • Sat, Jan 13
  • SUN, Jan 14

  • Thurs, Jan 18 
  • Fri, Jan 19
  • Sat, Jan 20
  • SUN, Jan 21

  • Fri, Jan 26
  • Sat, Jan 27                            
  • SUN, Jan 28