Edible Backyard Summit
This free 3-day event Occurs on March 23, 24, and 25, 2021.
Live your healthiest life and grow the edible yard of your dreams with our visionary presenters.
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Edible Backyard Summit
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Edible Backyard Summit

Imagine the pride you’ll feel providing food for your family and sharing the bounty with your friends and neighbors, too. Imagine teaching your kids where their food comes from, and life skills such as patience, perseverance, and hard work. When you attend the Edible Backyard Summit, you’ll be a part of a community of people from around the world that are all on a mission to make their backyards an edible paradise.

You’ll learn how to start your first garden, or maintain your existing garden, with minimal financial investment and actually save money in the long run. You’ll find out how to grow an abundance of food in your yard without any toxic chemicals. You’ll discover how you can truly thrive with a healthy life and get reconnected with your food. You’ll learn how to live a more self-reliant life and feel secure knowing that you have a food supply right in your backyard!

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DATES: Tuesday, March 23rd thru Thursday, March 25th, 2021

TIME: Daily from 3pm to 5:30pm Pacific

LOCATION: Online. Links to attend will be sent to your inbox each day of the summit (after you sign up)

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meet Your Hosts:

Your Host:
Farmer Greg Peterson

Farmer Greg is the creator and your main host for the Edible Backyard Summit. You will find him introducing each speaker, plus jumping online for live Q&As daily. He will be teaching 3 Steps to Jump Start Your Urban Farm on Wednesday and Regenerative Composting on Thursday.
Farmer Greg has been digging his toes into the earth, listening to the plants, and experimenting wih progressive permaculture techniques in his yard for over 40 years. His 1/3-acre home in Phoenix, AZ has been converted into an entirely edible landscape open to the community for tours and classes, and his fruit tree program has resuted in the planting of over 10,000 fruit trees. Greg's mission is to show others that they too can realize the power, joy and deliciousness of urban farming! Greg received his Master's degree in Urban and Environmental Planning from Arizona State University, and has since taught at a trade school and even returned to his alma mater to teach Sustainable Food and Farms. He started UrbanFarm.org to build a community for urban farmers and home gardeners around the world to come for inspiration, education, and advice. His podcast, The Urban Farm Podcast, has been so fun and successful that he has decided to expand his reach to even more people by starting the Edible Backyard Summit.

Your Co-Host:
Janis Norton

Janis is an integral part of The Urban Farm Team and will be co-hosting this summit with Greg. You will find her helping out in between the presentations and assisting in guiding the Q&A's for all our presenters
Janis is the General Manager for The Urban Farm. A large part of her managing duties include the annual Urban Farm Fruit Tree Program (fruit tree education and a pop-up nursery for the Greater Phoenix area) and the GrowPHX Collaborative, both of which give her an outlet for her mad organizational skills. Janis earned her degree in Sustainability from Arizona State University. With a lifetime of focus on community and education, she did not realize how much she could do with the local food system until her Sustainable Food and Farms class. From that point on, she has been an active part of the Urban Farm core team bringing her enthusiasm to all her projects at the Urban Farm.

Daily Schedule

Tuesday, March 23rd

3pm PST: Your Edible Yard: Superstar Pants & Practices for Edible Landscapes with Crystal Stevens

Learn exciting plants that are superstars in an edible landscape, urban food forest, backyard garden, or plant guild, PLUS techniques every urban grower should know to make the most of your yard through edible landscaping while increasing biodiversity. 

4pm PST: Gardening Unearthed: 7 Key Factors to Easily Grow Your Own Healthy, Organic Food with Kari Spencer.  

Learn how to grow fruits, veggies and herbs in your yard or patio so that you can nourish your family with healthy, affordable produce. This class will teach you exactly what you need to do to get started TODAY without backbreaking labor, even if you have little time to spare.

5pm PST: Live Q&As

Get your pressing garden questions answered LIVE by our experts.

Wednesday, March 24th

3pm PST: From Pharmacy to Farmacy: Grow Anywhere with Towergardens with Troy Albright

Learn this exciting technique for easy-to-grow veggies indoors and outdoors, all year round!

4pm PST: 3 Steps to Jump Start Your Urban Farm
with Greg Peterson

Learn the 3 simple steps to set you on your path to urban farmerhood so that you can reduce pesticides in your diet, live a healthy and vibrant life and cultivate more food security for your family. 

5pm PST: Live Q&As

Get your pressing garden questions answered LIVE by our experts.


tower garden
container garden

Thursday, March 25th

3pm PST: Patio Farming: Grow Great Greens, Veggies and Herbs in Containers with Kari Spencer

Did you know that almost anything that can be grown in a garden bed can ALSO be grown in a container? Learn best practices for container gardening for a fun and creative way of growing food, especially if you have minimal space to work with. 

4pm PST: Regenerative Composting with Greg Peterson

Learn 4 regenerative methods of composting and determine which one is right for YOU, even if all you have to work with is kitchen scraps, and learn to make your healthiest soil yet so that your fruits and veggies thrive.

5pm PST: Live Q&As

Get your pressing garden questions answered LIVE by our experts.

About Our Experts:

Speaker Spotlight:
Kari Spencer

Gardening Unearthed -
Mar 23 @ 4pm PST

Patio Farming -
Mar 25 @ 3pm PST

Kari Spencer is the author of the book City Farming: A How-To Guide to Growing Crops and Raising Livestock in Urban Spaces. Both a Master Gardener and a Master Farmer, Kari enjoys sharing her passion for growing and raising food with others. In addition to teaching classes all over the city of Phoenix, she is a talented instructor and curriculum writer in the Urban Farming department at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. Her family operates The Micro Farm Project, a small farm in North Phoenix, where gardens and livestock animals provide her family with fun and food. She loves to experiment with new ways to create a healthier, more self-reliant and sustainable lifestyle, and invites others to join her on the journey.

Speaker Spotlight:
Crystal Stevens

Your Edible Yard
Mar 23 @ 3pm PST
Crystal Stevens is an author, an artist/art teacher, a folk herbalist, a regenerative farmer, and a permaculturist. Stevens has written 3 books published by New Society Publishers: Grow Create Inspire, Worms at Work, and Your Edible Yard . Stevens speaks at conferences and Mother Earth News Fairs across the U.S. & has been teaching a Resilient Living workshop series for over a decade. She and her husband Eric Stevens co-founded FLOURISH which encompasses a farm, a plant nursery, an apothecary, design services, and educational programming. Stevens runs a CSA collective with Rona Leah of Celeste Farm. They are the primary producers and then purchase from other women and BIPOC farmers. Stevens Co-founded Tend & Flourish School of Botanicals.

Speaker Spotlight:
Troy Albright


Mar 24 @ 3pm PST
Troy Albright, True Garden founder, graduated form the University of Arizona in 1987 with a degree in Pharmacy. Troy founded RX Formulations in 2002, focusing on natural, bio-identical hormones for men and women, sterile IV admixture, pet compounding, topical creams and gels and consults, which has led to more of a holistic, integrative approach to health, nutrition and wellness. Troy was always aware that the missing health link for most of his patients was the lack of fresh, quality food in their daily diet. In 2013, Lis and Troy Albright took matters into their own hands and founded True Garden. This first-of-its-kind facility, operated by solar power, was designed with a vision to drastically reduce the region's agricultural water consumption while making local, living produce available year-round in the hot desert regions of Phoenix and the Southwest U.S.