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Urban Farm’s Local Lecture Series

Summer 2018

There is so much you can do in your farms and gardens! Join us for informative discussions on specific aspects of being an urban farmer in this valley. We have several topics to choose from and a great location to enjoy them.  This summer we are starting this Lecture Series at the Creative Living’s Farmers Market which is going to be a locally focused resource for hand made, hand crafted, and locally grown items. This might just be your new Friday Date-Night option!



3 Steps to a Powerful
Summer Garden!

June 29th –  6-7pm

In this first of several urban farming lectures, Greg opens up with a topic that is challenging to many transplant and native Phoenicians alike.  Growing food locally in our summer climate takes a unique level of dedication, but if you don’t grow something, then your soil needs extra care when you get start back up in the fall.



Wickedly Smart
Water Harvesting!

July 13th –  6-7pm

Living in the Sonoran Desert has unique water challenges. Greg will share with you some tried and true ways to harvest and collect rain and other waters from around your home for your garden needs. Not only will you learn to how to catch the water, you will learn ways to store it effectively.


July 27th –  6-7pm

Details to be updated soon!



Yo, If You Have a Backyard,
You Need to be Keeping Chickens!

August 3rd –  6-7pm

Details to be updated soon!

There’s Gotta be an Easier
Way to Compost!

August 17th –  6-7pm

If you have ever tried to compost you know that traditional composting is not all that easy.  What if there were some easier ways to transform that precious food waste into gardeners gold?   In this chat we will explore at least 3 other simpler ways to turn your food scraps into fertilizer.



Three Ways to Kill a Fruit Tree!
(Three ways to keep it alive)

September 14th –  6-7pm

As you can imagine there are specific things that will have your trees thrive or not!  I’ll show you successes and failures, outlining the top three things people consistently do that kill fruit trees!  Why? So YOU can see what not to do. Success is easier if you learn from other’s failures and start by properly planting and nurturing your trees.