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The Urban Farm Podcast is your connection to the food revolution with twice-weekly conversations with some of the best and most innovative regenerative farmers and home gardeners out there, interviews with up and coming urban growers, and inspiration from healthy-food visionaries around the globe. All of our podcast guests are making a difference to create a better tomorrow and we believe they will inspire you to do the same.

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551: Chloe Lieberman on Growing Calorie Crops

Farming corn and other small-scale staple crops. When one thinks of staple crops, what usually comes to mind is corn, wheat, and soybeans, yet Chloe Lieberman has worked with community farms around the world and discovered that there is an abundance of underutilized, calorie-dense types of crops. Listen in to learn about the value of…

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550: Josephine DeFalco on Growing Herbs for Health and Happiness

Recognizing herbs for their many uses. In This Podcast: Herbs can be the easiest plants to grow, at the same time, they can be the most expensive item in the produce section of the store. Josephine DeFalco became inspired to educate others on how to grow herbs and the many benefits that arise from herbs aside from enhancing culinary flare. Listen in to learn about the importance of…

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549: Seed Saving Class June 2020

A chat with an expert on Seeds. – In This Podcast: This is the December 2019 episode of a live Seed Saving Class discussing difficult seeds to save, avoiding cross pollination, and so much more on creating a self-reinforcing breeding system for seed families.

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548 Jeff Malkoon smiling

548: Jeff Malkoon on Origins of Peanut Butter

Blending nutty flavors for healthy spread options. – In This Podcast: When it comes to healthy food options, a common perception is that healthy doesn’t always taste good. After spending time in South America, Jeff Malkoon found inspiration to enter an untapped market and a mission to…

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547: Shari Flam on Raw Cacao from Belize and Ecuador.

547: Shari Flam on Raw Cacao from Belize and Ecuador.

Supporting 4th generation farmers while making healthier chocolates. – In This Podcast: We’ve all heard some of the benefits of chocolate, but Shari Flam is harnessing the medicinal benefits of cacao beans by using the fermented beans in her tasty treats. Listen in to learn about ethically sourcing cacao and…

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546: Neal Bringe on Creating a New Squash.

546: Neal Bringe on Creating a New Squash

Playing with seeds and making history. – In This Podcast: When you treat your space like a nature sanctuary, sometimes you get botanical surprises! Neil Bringe teaches us about a new variety of Christmas Squash and the conditions he created to cross two varieties of squash to create…

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Urban Farm

Our Statement on Human Rights

Our Statement on Human Rights. This is a message from our founder Greg Peterson: Hello urban farmers, Standing in a parking lot yesterday I was reminded of this on a billboard… “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” — Desmond Tutu

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Growing Berries Q&A

Growing Berries Answers by Jason Johns. Jason was our presenter for our 31st Daily Gardening Class on Growing Berries.  We were not able to have him present for a live Q&A, but as promised he quickly responded. The following are the questions submitted in that class and his answers.

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Jane’s Favourite Vegetable

Jane’s Favorite Vegetable. by Guest blogger: Jane Rabinowicz of SeedChange. It’s green, grows on trellises, and it’s my favourite vegetable. On a recent trip to Timor-Leste, I was ecstatic to find my favourite veggie growing on trellises around the home of local Batara village leader Tomas Pinto. Even better, I was treated to a lunch that featured the delicious vegetable.

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Healing my Lyme through farming.

Healing my Lyme through farming.My name is Allie Borovik and I have chronic Lyme disease. This is my story of healing Lyme through farming and food. My healing journey spanned seven years of doctors’ appointments, tests, antibiotics, herbal supplements, and frustration. For years, I was told I wasn’t sick; that there was nothing…

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Pollinator Gardening Tips

Pollinator Gardening Tips by Guest blogger: Jaime Pawelek. Gardens can serve many functions in our lives, but they can also help conserve valuable wildlife, including pollinators, like bees, butterflies, wasps, flies and hummingbirds. Not only can you grow your own food and medicine, but you can cultivate a garden that supports pollinators at the same time.

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