Urban Farm Podcast 2019 Giveaway Sweepstakes

We are truly committed to inspiring as many people as possible to become part of their own food revolution, and one way we are doing this is by spreading as much useful information as possible. We have been hosting our podcasts for over three years and have reached a point that we can ask some of our our guests to share a few items with our listeners. These items are being offered through a special sweepstakes drawing announced in their podcast episode.

General Rules:

  • No purchase necessary.
  • This contest is open residents ages 18 and older and living in the United States
  • Entries can be submitted by email to podcast@urbanfarm.org and must contain subject line of desired giveaway contest
    • Name and mailing address shall be included in the email
    • If no mailing address is included and the entry is selected, then the winner will be notified via email and allowed 30 days to respond with a mailing address.
  • Alternative entries can be submitted by postcard to: The Urban Farm Podcast Giveaway, PO Box 44434, Phoenix, AZ 85064.
    • Contest Subject Line should be included on the postcard
    • Name and mailing address shall be included on the postcard
  • Only one entry per person will be accepted for each drawing, only one entry per email or postcard.
  • Entries will be automatically signed up to receive the free Urban Farm Newsletter, with opt-out options provided on every newsletter.
  • An entry is valid for each drawing when it includes the proper phrase for that giveaway, and is received in the proper time frame.
  • An entry is eligible if the submitter has not won a previous giveaway within 180 days prior to that giveaway drawing.
  • Each giveaway opens on the date of the podcast in which it is mentioned with the appropriate submittal phrase
  • Each giveaway closes 45 days from opening, unless described otherwise in podcast.
  • Each giveaway has a set number of items to be given away and will be listed in the corresponding podcast interview.
  • All prizes described will be awarded unless the number of valid and eligible entries submitted are less than the number of prizes.
  • All prizes are valued at less than $100 unless notated in that podcast.
  • The odds of winning will be based on the number of prizes divided by the number of valid & eligible entries.
  • The giveaway items will be shipped by mail to the addresses provided in the winning entries.
  • Drawings will be held no earlier than 45 days from opening of each giveaway sweepstakes, and no later than 60 days from opening of each sweepstakes.
  • Winning entries will be drawn from all valid and eligible entries.
  • A list of winners’ names will be included in our newsletters, posted on our social media, and can be obtained by emailing us at podcast@urbanfarm.org
  • Update: May 2, 2019. After all valid and eligible entries are considered at the end of each contest period, if there are not sufficient entries to complete the contest, then the drawing will open to entries received during open contest period for residents outside of the United States. Out of country winners will be given the option to accept the prize subject to shipping charges.

Social Media

  • We do ask all winners to take a picture of their prize and post on their social media while tagging us.  Please help us spread the news!
  • Winners will be announced on Urban Farm Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.

2019 Sweepstakes statuses:

Updated regularly

Specific Giveaway Sweepstakes

  • November 2018
    • Brandi Doming’s Vegan 8 Cookbook Giveaway – Closed December 25, 2018 – Prizes shipped.
  • January
    • Michael Foley’s Farming For the Long Haul Giveaway – Closed March 8, 2019 – Prizes shipped.
  • February
    • Ocean Robbin’s 31 Day Food Revolution Giveaway – Closed March 22, 2019 – Prizes shipped.
  • April
    • Joel Karsten’s Straw Bale Gardens Complete Giveaway – Closed May 17th, 2019 – Prizes shipped.
    • Peter Bane’s The Permaculture Handbook Giveaway – Closed May 21st – Prizes shipped.
    • Christine Heinrich’s How to Raise Chickens Giveaway – Closed May 13th – Prizes shipped.
    • Akiva Silver’s Trees of Power Giveaway – Closed June 4th – Prizes shipped.
  • May
    • Jason Johns’ Growing Tomatoes Giveaway – Closed June 18th – Prizes shipped.
    • Sara Wolter’s Sets of Pomona’s Pectin Giveaway – Closed June 21st – – Prizes shipped.
    • Julia Hubler’s Vegetable Garden Planner Giveaway – Closed June 25nd – Prizes delivered.
  • June
    • Devon Young’s Backyard Herbal Apothecary – Closed August 6th — Prizes shipping.
    • Dave Hunter’s Mason Bee Homes – Opened June 29th
  • July
    • Special Discounts offered
    • Bobby Wilson’s Meaningful Collaborations & Partnership for Impact – Opened June 29th
  • August
    • Multiple giveaways offered – to be updated here in September.