The Urban Farm Podcast with Greg Peterson


Welcome to the premier podcast for the Grow Your Own Food Revolution. Farmer Greg Peterson is a pioneer in growing food and is sharing with the world how to successfully grow their own. Greg started growing food 43 years ago at the young age of 14.  

The Urban Farm Podcast is your connection to the food revolution with twice weekly conversations with some of the best and most innovative regenerative farmers and home gardeners out there, interviews with up and coming urban growers, and inspiration from healthy-food visionaries around the globe.

Farmer Greg and his team dig for incredible interviews to share that inspire, empower, and drive listeners to create their own urban farms, or at the very least seek knowledge about where their food comes from.

Who we are reaching:

We are reaching a wide variety of listeners, from backyard part-time farmers to dedicated full-time growers; from urban to rural; from novice to expert; and from fresh faced to well-seasoned. Every one of them is committed to making a difference in their own food system, whether that is with baby steps or full activism – they are part of this growing movement – and they CARE!

Our target market is significantly comprised of Bob and Betty Boomer.  They are getting to the age where they are very concerned about what they are eating and what they are feeding to their grandchildren. For health and environmental reasons they are very cognizant about what kinds of food they are consuming and where it is coming from. This group of people is self assured and not afraid to work hard.  They are goal-centric, resourceful, focused and disciplined. PLUS they have the funds to support their garden-growing hobby and retirement farming.

Our Stats:  

We have surpassed 1.5 million listens in our short podcast lifespan.  We receive on average 2300 listens per episode in the first 6 weeks of airplay on the Urban Farm Podcast with our current overall average of 2870 listens per episode.  On average 86% of our listeners are in the United States and Canada. Australia, the United Kingdom and Sweden round up the top five countries listening to our show.  ONe cool aspect of our show is that the episodes are remaining active and do not expire.

Additionally, we have a our Urban Farm Lifestyle Newsletter that goes out at least twice per month to 32,000 unique recipients (all who have opted in) with a consistent open rate of 19%.  

What Others Are Saying…

We’ve been getting lots of great feedback from our listeners for quite some time.  This has really motivated us to keep up the pace and to seek out new and inspiring guests.  You can see our latest messages here: Podcast Testimonials

Urban Farm Podcast Sponsorship options:

We offer options for sponsorship by single episodes, monthly and quarterly that include:

  • 30 second Preroll ad on our podcast, runs before the interview starts.
  • 60 second Midroll or endroll ad on our podcast, runs mid way through the conversation or at the end of the podcast.
  • Ad insert in the Urban Farm Lifestyle Newsletter
  • Ad insert on each sponsored podcast show notes
  • Educational or informative blog article inclusion (written by your staff)
  • Inclusion in Farmer Greg’s Link Page.  Must be submitted for approval

Bundles Available:

 Monthly Sponsorship

  • 1 Month – 8 Episodes
  • 3 Month – 24 Episodes – Plus 2 bonus episodes

Quarterly Insertion Sponsorship

  • 3 Insertions per month
  • 3 Month – 9 Episodes
  • 6 Month – 18 Episodes – Plus 2 bonus episodes


Contact us at for current pricing and availability.