817: John Moody on Growing Elderberries.

Growing a berry popular plant for its many health benefits.

In This Podcast:

In 2023 Farmer Greg Became an elderberry farmer because of a conversation with Samara Price a podcast guest. Then he remembered that one of our past guests had written a book on Elderberries. Join John Moody and Greg as they navigate the history, traditions and propagation techniques of elderberries. Stick around till the end of the interview to find out what Count Dracula from Sesame Street has to do with elderberries.

Our Guest:

John Moody John and his family homestead on 35 acres in the rolling hills of Kentucky outside Louisville. Riddled with chronic illness and health problems, in his twenties John discovered the healing power of real foods, properly prepared from real farms. He soon founded Whole Life Buying club, one of the largest alternative local food distribution approaches in the country. He is the author of five books, co-founder with Joel Salatin of the Rogue Food Conference, and a well known speaker at conferences across the country on health, food, farming, and freedom.

You can find him at JohnWMoody.com, or their forthcoming family Podcast – Resistance is Fertile.

Listen in….

John’s Book Recommendation:

The Elderberry Book by John W Moody

How to reach John:

Website – JohnWMoody.com

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