815: Kareen Erbe on Resilient Homesteads.

Helping people design food forests and gardens with a holistic approach.

In This Podcast:

Broken Ground is Kareen’s passion and a platform where people can learn how to work with and create from the principles of permaculture and sustainable living. Kareen is a passionate environmentalist with a deep-rooted connection to the land, and through Broken Ground she offers workshops, consultations, and design services to empower individuals and communities to grow their own food and regenerate the earth.

Our Guest:

Kareen Erbe is the owner of Broken Ground, a garden design consultant and educator. For over a decade, she has helped people in cold climates grow their own food so they can eat healthier, live more sustainably, and become more self-reliant. From getting clients started on their first ever garden, to working with couples on designing a full-blown homestead, to designing large-scale farms, she’s helped thousands of people grow nutritious food for their family through consultations, design services, her signature Resilient Homestead Program, and her YouTube channel. Kareen and her husband live on a suburban homestead in Bozeman, Montana, USA with their dog Beni, a greenhouse, pond, vegetable gardens, a food forest of fruit trees and berry bushes, and a flock of chickens..

Listen in….


Kareen’s Book Recommendations:

Healing Grounds, Climate Justice And The Deep Roots Of Regenerative Farming by Liz Carlisle


How to reach Kareen:

Website – BrokenGroundPermaculture.com

Instagram – @BrokenGroundMT

YouTube – Broken Ground

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