386: Eric and Love Courage on Starting a Daddy-Daughter Urban Farm.

Creating a family-run farming business.

Eric is a part time farmer along with his nine-year-old daughter Love.  Together they are starting out as urban farmers in Colorado growing flowers and a large variety of vegetables.  This project was designed to help Love learn entrepreneurship, patience, hard work, and life away from an illuminated screen.  They plan to document the process on an upcoming YouTube Channel.

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In This Podcast:

When faced with the desire of their nine-year-old daughter to have a cell phone, this family turned this challenge to a fabulous learning and skill building opportunity. Eric Courage has been helping his daughter Love build a business so she has a reason for a cell phone, and that business is vegetables! They’ve even found a couple ‘fairy-garden-mothers’ along the way to help.


Listen in and learn about:

  • Starting a family farm business to help Love get her cell phone
  • How Love learned to grow first with her grandmother
  • Doing research on how to sell her vegetables
  • Teaching her the value of good marketing
  • Developing her identity with an eye of being recognized by her blue wig
  • Looking for new business that will fit with Love’s ability
  • Having mentors like Barb Masoner and Debbie Dairymple who help her know what to do
  • Her favorite vegetable to grow is kale
  • Their favorite “Go-to Fancy Salad”
  • Weathering storms and lessons learned

Producer’s Note:

Find Barb Masoner’s podcast HERE

As well as:

  • Their failure – Planting things too close in the garden, and the time the planted wheat rye and did not clear it fully, as well as using the de-sodder appropriately
  • Their success – Meeting her mentors Debbie and Barb. Having weekly meetings to plan their business
  • Their drive – She wants to help people in community, and she REALLY wants to get a phone. He wants to grow a daughter who can be effective and get through things.

“You can’t be a diva when you’re a gardener” – Love Courage
“Work hard, be smart, and be good with people” – Eric Courage

  • Their advice – Just do it! Have a fairy godmother!

Eric and Love’s Book recommendations:

The Great Influenza: The Story of the Deadliest Pandemic in History by John M. Barry
The Cobra Event: A Novel by Richard Preston
On the Shortness of Life: Life Is Long if You Know How to Use It (Penguin Great Ideas) by Seneca

How to reach Eric and Love:

Website: www.honestmargin.com

Instagram: @wagwalkrepeat


Erics’ Podcast: Real Financial Planning


This page has been edited to change the family name to Courage.  It was previous listed as Broda.


To learn more about more about Growing Your Own Food
visit IWantToGarden.com

And to see the I’m an Urban Farmer line
visit ImAnUrbanFarmer.com

Note: You can also find these books mentioned above at one of our favorite local independent bookstores and know that you are supporting a small business.

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