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It’s Been a Yearby Farmer Greg Editor’s Note.  This is a post detailing another stage in Farmer Greg’s move from Phoenix, AZ

Mesquite Recipes From: Peggy Sue Sorensenof The Desert Kitchen Check out other mesquite videos at Peggy Sue Sorensen has been enjoying the

Mesquite Bean HarvestingIt’s (almost) time to pick mesquite by Farmer Greg In Arizona and the desert southwest we have some incredible things

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Abundant Skies: 8 Principles for Successful Rainwater Harvesting Part Two by Brad Lancaster Reprinted with permission from Natural Awakenings Magazine Last week

Permaculture is a way of thinking as well as a system of organizing intelligent ecological and ethical design. It does not focus on the elements of sustainability in themselves (for example the details of organic living, eco-building, appropriate technology, community building, green finance, or rainwater harvesting), but on the beneficial relationships between these elements. It goes further, focusing on how they are put together to make them as energy efficient and sustaining as possible, for people, the planet and our ecosystem.

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