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Through the Urban Farm we offer a wide range of classes on urban agriculture, urban orcharding and living green. These classes are held at various venues throughout the metro Phoenix area and are typically two hours in length. They are designed to target a specific project like keeping urban chickens or water harvesting. For a full list of these classes visit our Course Descriptions and Events pages.

These classes however don’t cover the holistic, whole system approach to designing your urban farm space. That is where our courses come in. They are designed to take you on a journey to rethink how you view your living space. Whether you live on a large property, in an apartment, condo or townhouse these courses will transform your perceptions of how to live an urban farm lifestyle.


Growing Food - The Basics - Next Start Date March 6 2012

This class is taught by the gardening team at the Urban Farm. Heather & Shannon will share their extensive knowledge of growing in the desert.  The Urban Farmer Gardening Intensive is a 6 session course:

Each Session will include a unique view of being able to successfully grow food in the desert.


Classroom Sessions Include:
•  Session 1 - Learn about the many types of gardens that work in our desert environment and how to encourage rich, healthy, nourishing soil.
•  Session 2 - In this class you will learn about planning your garden through observation. We will also take a look at many gardening tools.
•  Session 3 Learn the art of healthy watering and when to plant in our year round growing seasons.
Hands On Sessions Include:
•  Session 4 - Come tour Summer Winds nursery and learn the ins & outs of fertilizers, plants, and many other resources through discovery learning. Then, we will put our hands in the dirt for some real hands-on learning.
•  Session 5 - In this final hands-on class we will learn about managing pests & weeds. Bring your garden plans for individual Q & A with the instructor.
Dates for this course are Tuesdays March 6, 13 & 20 and Saturdays March 10 & 24

Your entire Urban Farmer Gardening intensive is only $99, plus if you wish to bring a friend they can come for only and additional $50.  



Ten Steps to Being an Urban Farmer Boot Camp - Next Start Date February 27, 2012

Join the Urban Farm team and Urban Farmer Greg Peterson for the new course Ten Steps to Being an Urban Farmer. This course is designed to give you accelerated training in planning, permaculture concepts, and green living. It draws from real world examples to provide a broader sense that greening your life and creating your own Urban Farm is an evolutionary and learning process.

During this course you will:

  • Create a step-by-step plan to envision and implement your home and the land around your home into your own Urban Farm.
  • Obtain a deeper understanding of concepts such as:
    • Site design
    • Rain and Greywater harvesting
    • Solar aspect and site planning
    • Soil health and pest management
    • Seed saving and propagation
    • How to observe to create change
  • Meet and interact with others creating their own Urban Farm.
  • Share in an interactive private tour of the Urban Farm and the systems installed there.
  • Site visit day so that you can begin to integrate what you are learning.

Greg Peterson and the Urban Farm team will lead you through a thought process to empower you to be an Urban Farmer. Weekly assignments and class interaction will further instill your learning.

The primary goal of this course is to empower you as an aspiring Urban Farmer to move though a thought process in creating a whole systems approach to designing your UrbanFarm.

The Ten Steps to Being an Urban Farmer course is currently being offered at the Urban Farm in Phoenix starting February 27, 2012 and will meet ten evenings and one Saturday over approximately three months. For an additional $100, a student may bring a spouse, partner, parent,or child to work on the same project with.

Course cost $699   -   $449 early registration discount by Jan 30

The Next Class Starts Feb 27th and runs 10 consecutive monday nights and one Saturday.

Evening class times are 6:30 pm - 8:45 pm ish.



Coming Soon To A Computer Near You!

Ten Steps to Being an Urban Farmer Online Course is a course designed to give you an accelerated training in holistic planning, permaculture and green living. This training draws from real world examples and theories to give the student a broad sense that urban farming is an evolutionary and learning process. Students will take away from the course a ready to implement plan for transforming their property into an urban farm through a working map of the property that is constantly updated based on studying each component of your environment. The goal of this course is to empower you as an aspiring urban farmer to move though a thought process in creating a whole systems approach to creating your urban farm.

This course will be offered online and meets ten times over the course of approximately three months. It is limited to 15 projects (defined as 15 students each bringing their own project.) As a bonus for an additional $100 a student may bring a spouse, partner, parent or child to work on the same project with them.

Course cost $699